Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Magnetic construction tiles for "Rangles and Nuses"

Right-triangular tiles with disk magnets arranged as shown only go together when the rules of "Rangles and Nuses" are obeyed.
Disk magnets can be affixed to the corners of isosceles right-triangular tiles in a way that enforces the rule that right-angles (rangles) and base angles (hypotenuse angles or nuses) be kept apart. The tile shown above (or alternatively its enantiomorph) can be used. These tiles look the same when flipped over.

Here are some basic Rangles and Nuses plays with prototype right-triangular magnetic tiles:

A larger array of tiles shows how similar the two classes of vertices are:

An arrangement of magnetic tiles for "Rangles and Nuses" showing the similarity of the two classes of vertices. 

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