Friday, December 12, 2008

One less thing to worry about.

Most of my weaving experience has been with twogs, which are very short weavers that only run from one crossing to the next. Since all the twogs are usually the same length, the only way to make the basket surface curve is to connect the twogs in rings of five or seven-- or any ring number other than six (which would produce flat weaving.) One is constantly aware of ring number when weaving twogs. What are naturally called "rings" when weaving with twogs, are more naturally called "openings" when weaving with long weavers. This view of "Olivier's Fingertip" shows that the openings do not all have the same number of sides. I am happy to report that while doing the weaving I was completely unaware how many sides were in the openings I made. Once a weaver has been started in its correct position, it can only weave one way.

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