Wednesday, June 28, 2017

3x2 strand construction for wire Z's

3x2 strand construction. All three strands have one white and one orange fiber.

The strands have 3 times the twist frequency of the super helix.
3x2 is a coiled coil construction for 3-plies that might work with DNA since the sub-strands are double helices. It also has the advantage of using fewer wire sub-strands (six vs nine) than the 3x3 construction.

Below is a 3x2 construction realized in 24 gauge galvanized steel wire by twisting with a reversible drill. Tension was about 20lbs (dragging an anvil on a rug along a tile floor).

3x2 coiled coil construction in 24 gauge galvanized steel wire
Unwinding the 24 gauge steel coiled coil shows that the frequency ratio is 3:1
Except for a phase discontinuity that formed in the middle of the work, this structure was regular and easy to make. Small irregularities are more evident upon unwinding.

Unwinding the compound helix shows some irregularities.

A sloppy tetrahedron from 3x2 compound helices of 24 gauge galvanized wire.

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