Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pager muscle improvements

I'm back to the larger 260 balloons to have enough structural strength for the approximately 6 g (with logic battery) Tinyduino controller and motor board.
Latest version details:

Safety pins:

for clevises: size 00 = 3/4"

for joints: size 1 = 1-1/16"

All knots:

Quadruple overhand stop knots

All elastic bands:

Loom bands (Rainbow, Cra-Z-Loom, etc.)

Motor leads:

36 gauge magnet wire (twisted pairs)


Qualatex 260Q Diamond Clear (tied and trimmed at both ends to give custom length.)


1-lb test Berkley Fireline (5" untwisted length between stop knots)


Solarbotics TPM2 4mm diameter pager motor

Tapered bushing:

insulation from 22 gauge solid wire tapered by stretching above candle flame

Motor harness tape:

1/8" width of 3M 863 clear strapping tape

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