Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A TSP knitted fabric: narrow knitting with picked up stitches

A traveling salesman (TSP) knitted fabric. The black represents ribbons of knitting. The dotted lines indicate picked up stitches.
A form of knitting that can be represented by the generic quadrilateral truchet tile described in the previous post is "narrow knitting with picked up stitches." In this technique, the thread paths in the generic tile represent ribbons of knitting. Where the thread paths come close together in the center of the tile, the second-pass of knitted ribbon picks up stitches from the selvedge of the first-pass of knitted ribbon.

This technique does not produce a solid fabric, rather a fabric with variously shaped openings at every vertex.

This technique can make any orientable surface. (It can also make any non-orientable surface if the knitting stitch is garter stitch, or any other stitch with identical faces.)

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