Friday, August 12, 2011

Making new undip words

Any undip word can be inserted anywhere in any other undip word. The resulting basket will be only 2-edge-connected at the splice. Shuffling can fix this. Shuffling is when adjacent letters that are left/right (e.g., up) or right/left (e.g., pd) switch places. Shuffling is always permissible.

Conversely, anywhere an undip word appears in another undip word (that would most commonly be ud or np) it can be deleted.

The pairs du and pn can also be deleted anywhere they appear. I call this a rewire mutation since it redirects a photon. The converse, inserting these pairs, cannot be relied upon to be viable. There is a special context where absorb/emit events can be inserted: between emit/absorb events on the same side.

The most fun way to make new undip words is to doodle them. Using graph paper make a doodle that stays on the graph paper lines. The rules of the game are that your doodle must start and end at the same place (the origin) and never go below or to the left of that point. In math terms it must not cross the x or y axis.

The path is encoded to an undip word in this way: each step up is a u, each step down is a d, each step out (i.e., to the right) is an n, each step back (i.e.,to the left) is a p.

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